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Demo Big Band Score featured in Sibelius 7

I have been using Sibelius software for Music setting from it’s inception in 1993. At that time it was built for the Acorn computer, a RISC OS machine which was widely used in UK schools. It was originally written by two brothers, Jonathan and Benn Finn who were music graduates of Cambridge university. At the time, I was given a special mention on the first page of the user manual for “testing Sibelius 7 to destruction and making suggestions beyond the call of duty”.  Needless to say, Sibelius software became a world leading music software application and is now owned by the avid group with many more employees.

Now I mentioned Sibelius 7. Talk about Groundhog day and deja vu, back in 1992 the very original professional version written for the Acorn computer was called Sibelius 7. When Sibelius was re-written for compatibility with Mac & PC, they renamed the software to “Sibelius” and every subsequent upgrade “Sibelius 2”, “Sibelius 3” etc etc… Well now we have reached Sibelius 7 again. I think in a fitting tribute, I was asked by the senior product manager, Daniel Spreadbury if I would be interested in writing a piece to demonstrate a host of new sounds included in the new upgrade. More information and a demo is available on the Sibelius Website.  I highly recommend this.