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ADIOS – Adrian Drover Innovative Orchestral Services

Adrian Drover is a world renowned arranger/composer and shot to fame when he joined the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra in 1974 and his arrangements of MacArthur Park, Spinning Wheel, Eli’s Coming and Hey Jude became hits on Maynard’s M.F Horn series of albums.

Since then Adrian has spent all his life excelling in the field of arranging and composing for a wide variety of ensembles and different styles of music.

ADIOS was established in 1986 primarily to sell the arrangements which Adrian Drover had written for the successful Tartan Brass record album of Scottish traditional music. The titles from this album are still very much in demand today. Music from the ADIOS brass band catalogue has been performed, recorded and broadcast by many top name bands throughout the United Kingdom and purchased by customers throughout the world.
Apart from its brass band catalogue ADIOS has arrangements for a smaller 10-piece Brass line-up which has a flexible instrumentation. The brass arrangements are also being expanded to suit Symphonic Wind Band instrumentation. In addition there are lists of big band, military/concert band, 10-piece brass ensemble and trombone band arrangements.

The scores were originally hand written, but are gradually being reset using the latest computer equipment and the world leading music setting software from Sibelius.

ADIOS also provides a service to supply specially made arrangements to order.

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